Our mission is to help you thrive in body, mind, and spirit. We offer a variety of group classes in-studio, outside, & online. You can further customize your experience through private sessions and small-group series.

* Five Peaks adheres to the recommendations & guidelines of the CDC. Class sizes are limited. Please register in advance. *

“Heat and humidity kill germs and viruses. Despite spreading events that have become common in gyms; there have been NO cases or spreading events linked to hot yoga studios in the City of Tulsa or Tulsa County, Oklahoma. The Safety recommendations to prevent spread of the virus followed by hot yoga studios mitigate spread allowing people to enjoy the health benefits of movement! The data is very clear that breathing, moving mindfully and sharing social connection in clean, distanced spaces are paramount to staying healthy during this pandemic.”  – Dr. Bruce Dart

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Community Testimonials

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Lauren is a yoga teacher and meditation coach. Her trainings, coaching programs and energy-sessions teach students to apply Yogic frameworks and tools to realize physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Through clear intention and a daily spiritual practice, everyone has the potential to feel at home in their body and in the world. Lauren is honored to be a part of her students journey home. Lauren completed her 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training in 2014 with Down Dog Yoga, her 300-hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Rolf in 2017, and a second 300-Hour training with Beloved Yoga in 2019. Always a student, Lauren is pursuing a Masters in Social Work with Boston University. With gratitude, she acknowledges her mentor and teacher, Rolf Gates. She applies her 39 years of life, 23 years of yoga training and heart of service to guide her students from exactly where they are.

Colin Doniger, RYT200

Colin completed his 200-hr teacher training here at Five Peaks Yoga. He has also completed his 100-hr Rocket Yoga teacher training with Carson Calhoun. Colin’s philosophy is that Asana practice is a metaphor for applying yoga to life. Improvement comes when we continually push our limits. Colin offers private sessions geared toward playing with arm balances, building core-strength, and leveling-up your practice while staying in flow.

Chris Riley, RYT200

Chris completed his 200-Hr training in the spring of 2013, and he has studied many styles of yoga with a variety of amazing teachers over the years. Chris offers fluid and intelligently sequenced classes that leave you feeling complete bliss. Chris is always smiling and offering up positive energy to those around him; he hopes to create a welcoming and comforting space for everyone that takes his class.

Patrick Mcnally, RYT500

Patrick completed his 200HR training at Yoga District, a studio with a non-profit mission with an emphasis on trauma sensitivity. The curriculum focused around Baptiste Power, Patrick felt more called to pranayama, dhyana (meditation), and yoga’s ability to heal. Patrick completed his 300HR training at Awakening Yoga — popularized by Patrick Beach & Carling Harps– which was a multidisciplinary approach focusing deeply on physical, energetic, and emotional cue-ing.


Lori March, RYT200, C-RYT

Lori completed her 200-hr teacher training at Five Peaks Yoga in 2018. She completed her 95-hr Children’s Yoga Teacher Training through the Baptiste Institute in the same year. In addition to teaching adult class, Lori created and teaches FPY’s unique Family Yoga program, where she focuses on encouraging family connection and embodying yoga in all relationships. Lori offers private sessions for families that encourage a deep connection both to self and to family members.

Michelle Gilliam, RYT200

Michelle completed her 200-Hr Yoga Teacher Training with Drishti Beats in 2018, and has found so much more to yoga than just the physical practice. Michelle hopes to inspire her students to focus on form and breath, before depth. Her mission for every class is to leave you feeling energized, refreshed, and balanced. Michelle offers private sessions specialized in weight training & using your own body weight for weight-bearing exercises.

Zorana Rouse, RYT200, CYT

Zorana received her first teacher training from The Baptiste Foundation in the 95 hrs children yoga certificate in 2018 and went on to complete her 200-hr at Five Peaks the following year. She enjoys incorporating yoga in her classroom as a preschool teacher as well as her everyday life using Ayurveda,  the sister science of yoga. She  has also taught birthday parties, Girl Scouts, and mommy and me classes. She enjoys teaching slower flows with the intentions of presence and ground, hoping to help her clients feel lighter, centered and refreshed after class!

Crystal Wasilausky, Certified Holistic Health Coach

Crystal received her certification through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition in 2016 where she learned how to nourish the body with whole foods, through lifestyle, and clean eating. She also later completed additional training in gut health which allowed her to dive deeper in the root cause of many mystery digestive ailments. Since then she has been working with clients through 1-on-1 coaching, online nutrition programs, and various workshops. She truly believes in bio-individuality, and her passion is to help people discover their own health blueprint, while guiding and supporting them through their health journey. Her goal is to help others find their path to healing and to achieve optimal health to realize there is a way to feel energized and vibrant on a daily basis! In addition to nutrition, Crystal also has completed her RYT 200 training at a Iyengar studio in California in 2010, as well as completed her certificate of Barre training ACE approved with The Dailey Method, and she is currently a part of the Five Peaks 200-Hr YTT program.

Marina Knapik, Marketing, Design, & Client Communications Director

Marina works in graphic/web design, & manages all of our social media content. She is apart of the Five Peaks 200-Hr YTT 2020 program & will graduate with a teaching license soon. She is currently teaching an outdoor flow series and hopes that all students leave her class feeling empowered and connected to their inner-child!

Erin Yates, RYT200

Erin completed her yoga training at Five Peaks Power Yoga.  She has also completed her Barre Instructor training through the International Ballet Barre Fitness Association.  With a passion for movement, strength, and flexibility Erin loves sharing a holistic method of yoga as well as some booty busting barre classes with her students.  Erin offers private sessions focusing on strength, flexibility, and dynamic movement.

Lauren Close, RYT200

Lauren’s personal exploration of Yoga began in 2016 when she found herself drawn to both the physical and philosophical aspects; the practice quickly became a guiding force in her life. She completed her 200 hour training in 2019. Passionate about holistic wellness, Lauren is a Registered Nurse & a Functional Nutrition Specialist. She sees asana practice as a moving meditation, but also as playtime; time to explore, learn, be curious & have fun. Always with the intention of cultivating a greater awareness of—and connection to—body, mind and spirit. She loves inversions, arm balances, acroyoga & SUP yoga!


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