Colure Caulfield, E-RYT-200 & YACEP, never considered herself much of an athlete growing up in Central Florida; Aside from dabbling in swimming, she found herself drawn to more creative pursuits, such as singing, music, film, and theatre. It wasn’t until many years later, after nearly a decade spent working as a graphic designer, that she first discovered a love of yoga. What began as a a way to sweat off the effects of sitting at a desk for eight hours a day and cope with daily stress and anxiety, soon turned into a full-fledged career after she made the gutsy choice to quit her full-time office job and go back to school to learn everything she could about her newfound passion.

Colure went on to receive her first 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Certificate from Full Circle Yoga in Winter Park, FL, and graduated from the University of Central Florida with a B.S. in Exercise Science. Since, she has worked as an NSCA-certified personal trainer, AFAA-certified group fitness instructor, wellness coach, and full-time yoga teacher.

She moved to Northern Virginia in 2014, and has been teaching yoga in the area ever since. She is a Tier 1 Certified Baptiste Yoga Teacher, and a proud Co-Founder of Five Peaks Power Yoga in Leesburg, Virginia.

Colure is always excited for the opportunity to share her love of this practice with yogis new and old, and credits her yoga practice, alongside a regular meditation practice, with helping her manage what was, for a time, fairly debilitating Post-Partum Anxiety. She is endlessly grateful to her yoga and meditation practice for giving her powerful and effective tools that aid her in regaining calm and composure in moments of anxiety and panic, and she wishes to help others discover that same balance of strength and calm within themselves.

Above all, Colure is committed to making a difference in the lives of those she encounters; to be impactful and of service – as a yoga teacher, and as a human being.

Colure lives in Ashburn, VA with her husband, Kevin, her 2-year-old son, Kieran, and her pets, Strider Dog and Deanna Cat. When she’s not on the yoga mat or in the studio, you can find Colure relaxing at home, or adventuring around the greater DMV region with her family, who teaches her every day that each moment is an opportunity to be in the practice of yoga – sacred, special, and worth being fully present for.

p: (202) 802-1670