Inside each of us is a voice that beckons. Softly for a while, then wild and relentless – it calls and guides us to fulfill our higher purpose.

You have a gift to give the world that is yours, and yours alone. The world needs you now, and you are ready, right now.

Five Peaks Power Yoga’s 200-hour RYT Teacher Training is a 9-month, holistic and immersive introduction to the yogic path.

Whether you feel called to teach, or to simply create clarity and momentum in your own pursuit of the path, this program is for you.

You will develop the tools you need to live a powerful, present, and impactful life; to chart and stay your course; and form lifelong friendships with those who walk the path beside you.


Topics Covered Include:

  • • Yoga Philosophy + History
  • • The Science of Yoga
  • • Yoga Sutras + The 8 Limbed Path
  • • Primary Yoga Lineages + Styles
  • • Yoga Asana – Form + Function
  • • Physical Anatomy + Physiology
  • • Energetic Anatomy; Chakras
  • • Meditation
  • • Pranayama
  • • Adjustments + Assists
  • • Class Sequencing
  • • Teaching Methodology + Skills
  • • Ethics of Teaching + Practicing Yoga
  • • The Business of Yoga

Styles of Yoga Covered Include:

  • • Power Vinyasa
  • • Flow
  • • Hatha
  • • Yin Yoga
  • • Restorative


Syllabus Level I

Introduction to the Yogic Path

Learning Objectives:

  • • Create clarity behind your intentions for engaging in a deeper study of yoga.
  • • Ground your understanding of yoga in the ancient tradition and science –  Yoga Sutras (8 Limbs of Yoga), Chakras, Yoga History & specific lineages.
  • • Develop a baseline understanding of Yoga Asana form and function, and the primary styles of modern yoga.
  • • Commit to a daily asana & meditation practice.

Syllabus Level II

Exploration of the Yogic Path: Deep dive into what it means to be a true yoga practitioner and teacher.

Learning Objectives:

  • • Develop a thorough understanding of anatomy & physiology, from a physical and energetic standpoint
  • • Discover how each is integrally related to the other, while remaining individually distinct and malleable entities, as well as how these two forces relate directly to what’s happening in class.
  • • Learn how to create a greater impact on the practitioner’s experience of the practice, by integrating this new understanding of physical & energetic anatomy into their sequencing approach.

Syllabus Level III

Walking the Path: Who will YOU be as a teacher and representative of this practice? How will you impact others through who you’re being?

Learning Objectives:

  • • Refine your skills as a yoga teacher & practitioner.
  • • Begin to define your individual teaching style & find your “voice” as a teacher.
  • • Learn how to market yourself as a yoga teacher & find work in the field.
  • • Feel empowered to stand up as an impactful & effective leader in every area of your life.

2020 DATES + COST:

*Just 1 weekend per month; 9 weekends total.

February 21 – 23

March 20 – 22

April 17 – 19

May 15 – 17

June 12 – 14

August 21 – 23

September 18 – 20

October 16 – 18

November 13 – 15

**Note: Missed training sessions due to travel/illness/etc. may be made up by coordinating directly with Lead Trainers as soon as possible. 


Fridays:  6:30 p.m. – 9:30 p.m.

Saturdays: 9:00 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

Sundays: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.


Before Jan. 1st, 2020:
*Early-Bird Special!* $2,000 for full 9-month program (pay-in-full)

After Jan. 1st, 2020:
$2,500 (pay-in-full or monthly installments)

Deposit: $250 non-refundable deposit due with application; Holds your spot & goes toward total tuition cost.



  • • Required reading textbooks & materials
  • • An inquiring, open mind, & positive attitude
  • • Patience, professionalism, & punctuality
  • • Willingness & desire to commit to a regular yoga & meditation practice
  • • Space & time in your life for this 9-month journey


  • • To be an “advanced” or experienced yoga practitioner
  • • Flexibility!
  • • The desire to teach yoga – right after the training, or ever

We see the greatness in you. Your unstoppable strength; Your inner power.
You are SO enough.
Everything you need, you already have.
Come shine with us.


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