Led by Team 5PY

Finish your year strong. Commit to 40-days of yoga practice and stillness – online or in-studio. Let’s connect, sweat and have some fun while we re-ignite our fire!


Led by Lauren Christian

Don’t let tight muscles, achy joints, & injuries dampen your athletic prowess! Commit to this 3-month long, 1-session per week small group coaching series. Work with Five Peaks’ owner and yoga coach, Lauren Christian, to personalize a daily practice that helps you increase your overall stamina, stability, and mobility while working therapeutically with target areas. Track your progress with data on mobility, stability, pain & athletic performance. 

~$30 per week 

~Space is limited to 5-8 people
~Begins Sunday, August 9th, time TBD per group registrants


Led by Lauren Christian

 A virtual series w/ Lauren Christian
Yoga teaches that the path to freedom is paved by an open heart, clear mind and balanced body. When imbalance is present in the body, clarity and connection are difficult to access.
Ayurveda teaches that we hold five elements in the body: Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. We each express our own mix of these, making up our mind-body constitution (or, Dosha). 
In this 12-week series, learn how to apply the integrated wisdom of Ayurveda and Yoga to bring balance to your body and your mind. In total commitment to this program, you will develop a deep sense of love and appreciation for your body & mind, and come into a felt understanding & appreciation of the nature of life and others around you. 
 You will learn to:
– Develop a felt sense of balance and imbalance
– Identify your Dosha and develop lifestyle and self-care practices that bring YOU joy and balance
– Tailor yoga asana & breath practices to bring balance to ALL systems in your body (nervous, muscular, digestive, etc.)
– Explore which meditation techniques feel best suited to your constitution to bring a stillness of mind 
This series meets weekly online – Thursday nights (beginning 8/11) at 8:00 p.m., w/ the option to participate in weekly group classes and meet-ups. 
Yoga teachers will learn to tailor group and private class sessions to bring balance to the unique bodies in the room. 
Investment: $350.00 for a 12-week series. (or $30.00 per week)

CEUs available!

 Led by Lauren Christian: Lauren is a yoga and well-being teacher, healer and coach. Her classes, courses & coaching programs equip clients with the required understanding & tool kit to achieve their physical, mental and spiritual goals through a yogic framework. Lauren believes that through the power of daily practice, everyone has the potential to know inner peace and well-being. Her mission is to teach people to create an internal environment of peace and abundance to create a world of peace and abundance – one being at a time.


Led by Lauren Christian

Samadhi Pada – Yoga Sutra Study (Chapter 1)
A Virtual Philosophy Sangha (community)
Led by Lauren Christian & Lori March
“We practice yoga so we can tell when we’re not practicing yoga.” – Rod Stryker
Yoga is an embodied philosophy, in order to live our practice off the mat, we must set aside time to focus our mind solely on movement and breathe. 
Still – if we rely solely on yoga asana (the poses) we’ll get really good at ASANA and miss out on — well, totality. 
Discover how group philosophy study can drastically deepen your practice of self-study. Learn about yourself, learn about life and form deep connections and friendships with others dedicated to a lifetime of learning. 
Join us for a six-week recurring series and dive in to the first chapter of the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. Our sangha will meet virtually on Tuesday evenings at 8:00 p.m.
Registration – $120.00 or ($20 per week)
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