Develop a daily practice to support your life practice, and transform your experience of your life by shifting the way you move, breathe, and focus. Our private yoga sessions are customized to serve your intention while supporting the realities of your life. Learn and practice tools to transform your world – both inside and out.


To pay attention is to favor. When we put our attention on creating joyful habits of mind, body and spirit – we give favor to growth, abundance and well-being. Yoga coaching teaches us how to apply yogic frameworks to how we approach our goals. The Eight-Limb Path of Yoga invites us to incorporate nature, movement, stillness and human connection into a daily practice of well-being. If you want to bring more ease and vitality into your body, life and reality – Yoga Coaching is for you. 


We are beings of body, mind and spirit (energy). When we take care of our whole being, we feel more wholly alive, clear and complete.   Lauren Christian has been working with the energy body for 20 years. She draws from intuitive and yogic traditions and frameworks to encourage an embodied experience of her client’s personal intentions.   The session will begin with an intimate conversation to elevate intention and areas that beckon balance. From a relaxed and meditative state, Lauren will listen to the energy centers of the body and respond through its layers (Koshas); body, breath, mind, wisdom and bliss.   You will leave feeling loved, renewed, supported and clear.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             In silence, the soul speaks. It is in this stillness we learn to open into the expansiveness of who we truly are. Our private meditation coaching is designed to support you in identifying the style of meditation that is best for you (right now) while continually evolving your practice as you uncover an evolved state of peace, bliss, and truth.


Share a private hour of yoga with your coworkers, team, family, or friends! Learn to apply Yogic Frameworks to strengthen your sense of personal sovereignty, trust and connection in the relationships that matter most! 
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