Get. Your. Sweat. ON. This challenging, high-intensity practice will work you to your edge! Designed for all levels and featuring dynamic movements that build heat, strength, and flexibility while fostering your breath+body connection, you will learn how to tap into the deepest reservoirs of your innate strength and power to move through any challenge with steadiness, grace, ease. We guarantee you will leave you feeling empowered, energized, and free – transformed in body, mind, and spirit. Come flow with us!


Sometimes, you just want to FLOW. This all-levels class will leave you feeling stretched, rinsed, and completely renewed. Join us. 


Based on the Ashtanga Tristana of breath, gaze, and posture (using the 3 bandhas), Rocket combines postures from the 3 traditional Ashtanga series into an integrated vinyasa flow! This practice includes options for invigorating binds and opportunities to fly with variations available to all-levels. 5P Rocket is heated in our signature 95-degree(ish) temp to deliver a great sweat. Come experience this playful approach to vinyasa that is sure to deepen and grow your practice in a whole new way. Join us!


Hone, tone and sculpt. This 45-60-minute, all-levels Barre Fusion class is packed with fun.  Tone your muscles, refine your balance, and reap the benefits in your physique, mood, and Asana practice.


Get ripped and ready to evolve into the strongest, most powerful version of yourself with this brand new, Five Peaks-signature hybrid format! This 60-minute, high-intensity practice takes a multidisciplinary approach by seamlessly fusing together a sweaty blend of functional fitness training, HIIT/Tabata, plyometrics, yoga, and pilates, that will challenge your body – and your mind – in a whole new way. Bust through boredom and plateaus while building total-body strength, power, agility, and stability in this balanced blend of functional movement, core work, and speed/interval drills that will torch calories and totally take you to your edge – leaving you feeling invigorated, uplifted, and completely rinsed – both inside and out. 


Kick off your weekend with this Yin + Yang infusion class! You’ll barely believe how quickly this practice flies by… The first half of practice is heated, and invites you to move, flow, breathe, and sweat your week away, while the second half of practice turns the heat down, and invites you to melt into a blissful oasis of soothing, restorative poses that will ease you into an elevated state of meditative consciousness – just in time for your weekend ahead.


This limited capacity, socially-distanced flow will leave you feeling refreshed, balanced, & ready for some weekend relaxation! All levels are welcome to come play!


Wind down from the weekend and reconnect with your inner peace with this Yin-Restorative class! Yin invites you to melt into a blissful oasis of soothing, restorative poses that will ease you into an elevated state of meditative consciousness – preparing you for a wonderful night’s sleep so you can start your week feeling refreshed!



Thursdays from 7:30-9:30pm


The Big Book of AA teaches us that often a spiritual experience is required to conquer the disease of addiction. It’s well accepted that those with a sustained spiritual connection tend to be most successful in maintaining recovery and finding joy in life. Finding true spiritual well-being is not something that comes easily or naturally for most people – it takes work, practice, and patience.

This class is for any friends of Bill W. who relate to chapter 4 of the Big Book “We Agnostics”. Learn to use breath, gaze, and physical yoga postures to still your mind and journey inward. This class is open to anyone in active recovery from Alcoholism/Addiction. It is suggested to have an existing, stable personal recovery program (whether it’s a couple months or twenty years) before enrolling to maximize the benefits for all attendees.

This class is acceptance-based only. For more information, please contact

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