The very first verse of Patanjali’s 2,000-year old codex essentially says it all: “Now, the practice of yoga.” (Sutra 1.1)

While varying translations of the ancient Sanskrit abound alongside ongoing spirited debates between Sutra scholars over Patanjali’s intent, one thing is for certain: “Now” is all we have. “Now” is the time to begin any meaningful journey, exploration, or endeavor. “Now” is precisely when our life is happening – not yesterday, not tomorrow, not in the history of old or the dreams of the future – we are here “Now”, and it’s up to us to engage with and live this life fully “Now”.

The holistic practice of yoga invites us to use the tools of movement (asana), breath (pranayama), and meditation to fully access the “Now” and live our lives in a state of being that stems from pure presence, awareness, and unity. By directing our senses (pratyahara), focusing our attention (dharana), and uniting with the flow of life in the moment (dhyana), we cultivate our own innate, intimate relationship to the present moment, and develop a skillfulness and responsiveness in compassionately returning into it, time and time again.

Beginning today – Now – the invitation is just that: Move your body mindfully, make time for stillness and contemplation, and be in your practice of practice. Every moment, every day. Make your daily practice – your Sadhana – a priority over these next 40 days, and who knows? Come Day 41, you just might find that you’ve established a holistic yoga practice that will support you for an entire lifetime of living compassionately, joyfully, and gratefully in the “Now”.

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