• What first drew you to this practice?

Nothing drew me, for me was a calling in the mist of the darkest times of my life. I came back again and again because for the first time I was able to have the courage to feel as I was feeling.

• Which of the 8 Limbs of Yoga are you most drawn to now, and why?

Dharana, sometimes translated to concentration. It invites me to become aware of my vritiis, (the fluctuations of my mind) as a way to become aware of my humaneness accept it fully and transcend it through the stillness.

• What Yama or Niyama do you find yourself continually working to presence in your life?

Svadhyaya, self study, as a way to really see and know the seer and the seen beyond all of my stories and conditioning. To see what I see with clarity.

• What’s your daily Sadhana (practice) consist of on the regular?

My personal Sadhana changes without interruption every 21, 40 or 54 days depending on the practice I’m being call to practice or assign by my Guru. The Sadhanas include Asana, Kriya, Mantra, Mudras, Contemplation, Japa Mala, and Sacred Rituals

• What’s your dosha? 


• Your favorite yoga pose and why?

I don’t have a favorite one, it changes as life does but right now is Child’s pose, it reminds me to never lose the innocence of the child that lives within me. Encouraging me to be “child like”. Present, playful and happy for no reason.

• Favorite song to flow to?

Manipure Hare Krishna from The Hanumen.

• If you could travel anywhere in time and/or space, where would you go?

Right next to Buddha under the Bodhi tree.

• When you leave my class you will feel… 

My hope is that you feel unafraid to feel it all.