• What first drew you to this practice?
I grew up reading about yoga, but never practiced until I was at the lowest point in my life, thinking that there was no way out, and a friend of mine invited me “randomly” to a yoga class. In that moment I knew, somehow, that was it: the answer to my prayers; and it was! That first class felt like someone put me in a washing machine, but I needed more and more. That was 14 years ago.

• Which of the 8 Limbs of Yoga are you most drawn to now, and why?
Dharana and Dhyana. For me, these 2 are separated by a fine line, and they are the foundation for my meditation practice, which I only started consistently 5 years ago. When my mind is all over the place and my emotions and sensations are running the show, the practice of concentration (Dharana) is what allows me to get in my Contemplation (Dhyana), and they become a dance of one in two that gives me the joy of the purpose of my deep meditation practice – which is connecting to myself and it all.

• What Yama or Niyama do you find yourself continually working to presence in your life?
Aparigraha (non-attachment). I feel this is the one that when I think I get it, I find another layer of attachment. It’s like the never-ending layers of an onion, which allows me to get to know myself deeper. And with a lot of compassion for myself, accept that this is a journey and life-time practice.

• What’s your dosha? 
Kapha for the physical, and Vata for the mental.

• Your favorite yoga pose and why?
Wheel, now a days! It is an inversion and a heart opener, all in one – which are my favorites – so I’m playing a lot with it, and it shows me when I don’t want to see a different side of things, and when my heart is broken or closed. No way to hide or to lie in that pose!

• If you could travel anywhere in time and/or space, where would you go?
Right next to Buddha under the Bodhi tree.

• When you leave my class you will feel… 
Open, inspired, and free!


Colure is a mostly-vegan yoga teacher, mom, wife, graphic designer, self-proclaimed nerd, and proud Co-Founder of Five Peaks Power Yoga. When she’s not at the studio teaching or practicing yoga, she can be found relaxing in her favorite local coffee shop, or adventuring around the greater DC region with her family.