Barbara joins our tribe after twelve years of experience as a student of yoga; having first found her way to the practice at a time in her life when she was struggling to make everything “work”. She vividly recalls her yoga teacher at the time asking her to “stop trying, stop doing, really see, and simply BE.”
From this moment on, the simple yet powerful experience of simply “being” gave her the freedom she needed to drop what she thought she knew about how life was supposed to go, let go of trying to control everything, and simply flow with ease into the life that had been waiting for her all along.
Today, Barbara is beyond grateful for not only the space her yoga practice has given her to heal and be herself, but also for the opportunity to create space for others to heal as well – one breath at a time.
Come… join Barbara on the mat at Five Peaks Power Yoga. Dare to stop trying, stop doing, and simply… BE.

Colure is a mostly-vegan yoga teacher, mom, wife, graphic designer, self-proclaimed nerd, and proud Co-Founder of Five Peaks Power Yoga. When she’s not at the studio teaching or practicing yoga, she can be found relaxing in her favorite local coffee shop, or adventuring around the greater DC region with her family.