“I’m not flexible AT ALL!” • “My body has never been the same since… [baby, sports injury, illness]” • “Hot yoga?! I just don’t have the energy.”

Do any of these statements sound familiar? If the answer is yes, you are in good company! These are some of the most common concerns we hear from new students about trying yoga for the first time.

You don’t need to be strong or flexible to practice yoga. It’s your dedication to the practice over time that will make you flexible, strong and vibrant – from the inside out. Your decision to step onto your mat and breathe and move and play – exactly as you are – is the magical key to transformation.

At Five Peaks, we go beyond certification. Our staff of seasoned yoga instructors are thoroughly trained, and committed to leading you through a strong and safe yoga practice. In the classroom, instruction is primarily delivered via spoken word, so that our teachers can focus exclusively on the students in the room, and provide modifications to strengthen areas of weakness or injury, and variations to level up your practice when you are ready to fly.


Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.

Our practice space is set to 95 degrees, with 50 percent humidity. The more heat you have in your body before you step into the classroom, the hotter you will feel! Make sure to drink plenty of water the night before and the day of your first practice. You are welcome to bring water into the room, but arriving well-hydrated is the key to feeling strong and energized during your practice.

Avoid eating right before class.

A fully belly will divert oxygen and blood flow away from your muscles – leaving you feeling heavy and uncomfortable… especially during those deep twists and forward folds! Choose a light snack, such as a banana or energy bar, an hour or two before class, and you’ll have ample energy to shine your brightest.

Use a yoga mat and towel.

Take it from us – it’s pretty hard to achieve a meditative state when you’re slipping and sliding all over your mat. A quality yoga mat and towel will allow you to feel strong and stable as you move about your mat. No mat or towel? No problem – we’ve got you covered. Mats and towels are available for rent and purchase in our studio boutique.

Show up as you are, and leave your expectations at the door.

Yoga is an experiential practice. There are no mirrors in our studio for a reason! While it may be tempting to find a spot in the back, newer students should choose a space in the middle of the classroom, so that you can follow the students in front of you and behind you if you start feeling lost. Know that it takes several practices to get the hang of the flow, so be willing to show up, “not know”, and do your best.

Most importantly, have fun!

You’ve done the important part by getting here. Now, get ready to sweat, move, smile, and have fun as you explore and discover all of the amazing things your body – and you – are capable of!

Still have questions?

Feel free to drop us a line – anytime! We’d love to chat and address any further questions or concerns you have, so that you feel confident and prepared to step on your mat and shine with us! Email lauren@fivepeakspoweryoga.com or colure@fivepeakspoweryoga.com, or give us a call at: 202-815-8131.

Come as you are... Leave with a deeper love and understanding of yourself.

We believe that this practice is for every. body. Walk through our doors. Once you step inside, know that everything you need, you already have.

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