Start your day off right – with power and presence – in our all-levels, Baptiste Yoga-inspired flow that will strengthen, stretch, and transform your body – both inside and out. This heated practice incorporates standing, balancing, core-strengthening, and hip-opening poses that will leave you feeling strong and balanced in both body and mind, and inspired to live into the rest of your day with power, presence, and ease.

In this 60-minute flow, we take our signature Baptiste Yoga-inspired practice back to its roots so you can rise to your fullest. Whether you are an advanced practitioner or just getting started – this class will refine your understanding of asana (pose) energetics, alignment, breath, and connection to the broader yogic path. You will leave this class feeling strong, flexible, empowered, and connected.

A complete yoga practice consists of balanced work and rest. Set to candlelight and soft music, our Yin + Restorative class is the perfect way to re-center, restore and prepare for a blissful night’s rest. Stay for our free evening meditation and pave the way to a blissful life.

This class is easy… easy like a Sunday morning. We know how it goes on Sunday. You’re coming off your weekend, getting ready for the week ahead, and you just want to relax, take it easy, and go with the flow. We hear you, and we’re with you. Come flow with us in this lightly-heated class designed with every practitioner in mind. We’ll move through a gentle flow designed to awaken the body and mind, before settling into some long, deep stretches that will release any lingering tension and stress. You’ll leave feeling completely relaxed and rejuvenated, and ready for the rest of your Sunday and beyond.

Come… move, stretch, sweat, and let your breath flow. This healing practice uses creative sequencing designed to open your heart, mind, and body, inspiring you to discover your deepest strength, while generating ease and presence in the steadiness of your breath. Come as you are. We’ll walk alongside you – with an open heart, both on and off the mat.

Expand your horizons by deepening your connection to core. This 60-minute, dynamic flow, will challenge you physically and mentally, and provide the tools and instruction you need to take your yoga practice to the next level. By incorporating more advanced variations, transitions, arm balances and inversions, this powerful practice will take you to your edge, while inviting you to set your eyes, breathe intentionally, and let the sweat flow. Set to a fun and inspiring playlist, this pause in your day is the perfect opportunity to sweat, shine, and set your spirit free.

Breathe it all in, love it all out, in our all-levels, Baptiste Yoga-inspired power vinyasa flow. Twist, stretch, and sweat your way through this powerful, rejuvenating, dynamic flow designed to leave you feeling rinsed and renewed. Longer holds that build heat and strength are combined seamlessly alongside dynamic movements that foster your breath+body connection. Release long-held tension and stress, and create space for grace to flow. All levels welcome.

Here at Five Peaks, we believe in giving back to our community through acts of service, and in uplifting and supporting others to live into their own greatness. Our Good Karma Community Flow supports new teachers in their continued development by giving them the space to show up as they are and share this practice authentically, so that they acquire the confidence they need to teach a powerful, impactful yoga class. This class is offered at our Good Karma rate (20% off drop-in price), with proceeds benefiting charitable causes in our local community. Each quarter, we rotate our charitable focus, to help spread the good will.

Goooood morning!! Start your day off right – with presence, ease, and breath – in this all-levels flow that will strengthen, stretch, and transform your body – both inside and out. This power vinyasa practice incorporates intelligent, heart-centered sequencing that will leave you feeling balanced in both body and mind, and inspired to live into the rest of your day with a present and open heart.

In this powerful, rejuvenating, mindful flow, you will move intentionally through sequences designed to foster connection between breath, body, and mind – leaving you feeling grounded, rinsed, and renewed. After book-ending your asana practice with guided meditation, you’ll leave feeling physically, mentally, and spiritually restored, centered and ready for the week ahead. All levels welcome!

To go with the flow, we first must learn to stand on our feet. The Five Peaks team has heard your requests to add non-heated, standing classes to our schedule. This non-vinyasa class focuses on standing postures, with special attention on healthy alignment. Designed to help build balance, as well as total-body strength and stability, this class is perfect for beginners, former Bikram practitioners, those working with or coming back from injury, or anyone dealing with limited mobility.

A healthy, balanced life requires a healthy, balanced body and mind. This Five Peaks signature class begins with a flowy, stretchy “yang” practice designed to awaken your body, gently opening up areas of tightness and tension. You’ll breathe and flow your way through mindful sequences that will get you deep into your body and clear away your day. Half-way through, the practice seamlessly transitions to the mat for a relaxing, rejuvenating yin yoga practice that will release any lingering stress from both body and mind, bringing the two into balance and clearing the way for a peaceful, easeful life.

**Please note: We are primarily a heated power vinyasa studio. The majority of our classes are heated to ~95 degrees. Even our non-heated classes, such as Warm Hatha & Yin/Restorative, will feel warmer than an air-conditioned space. Please take this into consideration prior to attending if you have any special health-related concerns with regard to the heat. You are always welcome to reach out to us personally if you have an questions. Thank you & namaste.

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