Get. Your. Sweat. ON. Our Hot Flow is a heated, high-intensity practice that will work you to your edge and skyrocket you into a state of sublime bliss and renewal. This all levels, Five Peaks signature class is heated to 95-99 degrees, and features dynamic movements that build heat, strength, and flexibility, all while fostering your breath+body connection. You will learn how to tap into the deepest reservoirs of your innate strength and power, and excavate the subtlest layers of your soul. We guarantee you will leave you feeling empowered, energized, and free – transformed in body, mind, and spirit. Come flow with us!

Our 5PY-signature, all levels Warm Flow will leave you feeling stretched, rinsed, and completely renewed. With a less-heated room (80-85 degrees) giving you the space to move at your own pace and generate your own heat from within, you’ll be led through smooth, dynamic, and creative sequences designed to foster the connection between your breath, body, mind, and spirit, while building strength, focus, steadiness, and ease. We guarantee you’ll leave feeling grounded, centered, and free. All levels welcome!

Get ripped and ready to evolve into the strongest, most powerful version of yourself with this brand new, Five Peaks-signature hybrid format! This high-intensity practice takes a multidisciplinary approach by seamlessly fusing together a sweaty blend of functional fitness training, HIIT/Tabata, plyometrics, yoga, and pilates, that will challenge your body – and your mind – in a whole new way. Bust through boredom and plateaus while building total-body strength, power, agility, and stability in this balanced blend of functional movement, core work, and speed/interval drills that will torch calories and totally take you to your edge – leaving you feeling invigorated, uplifted, and completely rinsed – both inside and out.

Whether you are just getting started or just getting back to your roots, our all-levels Yoga Basics practice meets you right where you are and holds space for you to explore, grow, and develop your own personal yoga practice at your own pace. Held in a warm room (80-85 degrees) to gently awaken your muscles and soothe your mind, our Yoga Basics classes will enable you to move, breathe, and cultivate mind+body connection, all while refining your understanding of asana (poses), energetics, alignment, breath, and the broader yogic path. You’ll leave feeling strong, flexible, empowered, and connected.

Kick off your weekend with this Yin + Yang infusion class! You’ll barely believe how quickly this practice flies by… The first half of practice invites you to move, flow, breathe, and sweat your week away, while the second half or practice invites you to melt into a blissful oasis of soothing, restorative poses that will ease you into an elevated state of meditative consciousness – just in time for your weekend ahead.

This blissful practice will help you relax and unwind from your day. Set to an oasis of soft music, this class features stationary Yin and Restorative Yoga sequences designed to help you release long-held tension, and restore your body to a healthy range of motion. Intentionally meditative, you will leave feeling clear, rested, and ready to slide into a peaceful evening of serenity and slumber.

Refine and expand your scope of practice in this sweaty, playful lab! During this high-intensity heated practice, you will learn the kramas (steps) that build to a peak pose. Each week, you will explore a variety of new shapes, including arm balances, inversions, and binds – all while working from where you are. With a heightened focus on alignment and breath, you will strengthen, stretch, and condition both body and mind alike. This lab is designed to give you the space to play, practice, and ask questions, in a workshop-like environment that encourages you to take chances, make mistakes, and get messy! All levels welcome – come and play!

This meditative class will guide you into a profoundly felt, embodied experience of your True Self, as accessed via the core teachings and practices of yoga. Honoring Yoga’s inherent experiential nature as expressed in the 6,000-year-old Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, and other ancient yogic texts, you will learn and practice meditation, pranayama (breathwork) and asana (postures) techniques designed to give you direct experience accessing the deepest, truest, most infinite aspects of your Being. Appropriate for all levels, this non-heated practice will leave you feeling peaceful, centered, and in deep felt connection to who you truly are at your core, so that you can move through every season of your life with balance and ease.

Our rituals and daily practices play an important role in nurturing our relationship to our True Self. Intention, reverence, and repetition invite us to focus on what we hold sacred and melt away all forms of distraction. In this all-levels, mindfulness-focused class, students will learn and practice Yogic rituals such as Mantra, Pranayama, and Kriya to invite sacred into everyday life. Come with an open mind and leave with an open heart.

**Please note: We are primarily a heated power vinyasa studio. The majority of our classes are heated to ~95 degrees. Please take this into consideration prior to attending if you have any special health-related concerns with regard to the heat. You are always welcome to reach out to us personally if you have any questions. Thank you & namaste.

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You are SO enough.
Everything you need, you already have.
Come shine with us.

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